The supervision provides an easy tool to monitor the extrusion process and allows to adjust the process parameters to achieve high production performances.
All the extrusion line parameters are controlled by the supervision line system which integrates all the extrusion line equipment and allows a centralized data management. The productivity and performances of the extrusion line derive from the integration of the line components and the correct analysis and processing of the extrusion data. The supervision integrated system helps to decrease the production costs and increase efficiency by a fine tuning of all the process parameters.
On request all the machines can be supplied also with their decentralized supervision unit for a quick performance check of the single component.
The line supervision can be completely customized according to customer specifications.
All the process data are stored in the supervision unit and backed-up periodically.

Cerrini supervision unit includes an user-friendly, intuitive and interactive interface, with touch screen monitor. Cerrini aims for an efficient and simplified electronic system, to be easily used even by non-specialized operators.


The supervision line unit provides an efficient instrument for records keeping, process data management, data analysis and process diagnostics.

Operational functions:

  • visualization of the overall lay-out of the line
  • visualization of the working condition data (set points and actual values) for each element: the real-time monitoring of process parameters allows fast decision making. The process data are displayed in graphs and their trend is available in real-time for any process parameter correction
  • storage of the process data: all the data are conveniently saved for future production quality analysis
  • setting of operational parameters for each control device (Diameter, Spark-tester, X-Ray, dosing unit)
  • scheduling of the production orders
  • recipes storage: the system allows to group into a proper table the operating and descriptive parameters of each product, easing the set-up of the machines. The recipe page shows the actual working data. The operator can open, modify and save the displayed recipe, transfer it to the PLC and copy and modify the actual working values to create a new recipe. More than 1000 recipes, each of them consisting of 50 parameters, can be created. The saved recipes can be conveniently retrieved for the future processes

Data analysis functions:

  • data analysis: the recorded data are statistically analyzed and basing on the past and the current data the process efficiency can be improved significantly
  • reporting: the system allows to print a detailed report of the product and process data

Diagnostic functions:

  • monitoring of the product data: the data concerning the product under process are displayed (diameter, thickness, eccentricity, batch, length, etc)
  • alarm management: anomalous working conditions are signaled by visual and acoustic alarm. For each machine, a dedicated page with the details of the alarms and the working parameters is available. A list of the last alarms, with the specification of the start and stop times and an historical report which can be printed on demand are also available

Production management

A complete configurable software is available for the planning, programming and control of the industrial production. The software integrates the supervision information of each line and make them available for the industrial production managing. The operator in charge of manufacturing planning can have access to them from different stations.
Reports, production statistical analysis, timing, faulty alarms can be extrapolated and visualized with trends on graphics or collected in spreadsheets.
All the data can be also published on the web and authorized users can access manufacturing data to control the production from every internet location.

The available features for the operator are:

  • Production real time analysis
  • Storage and monitoring of key values and their graphic presentation: motors torque and speed, extruder temperatures, cable diameter, cable faults and relative batch length, energetic and material consumptions
  • Storage of phase productions, reels and batches
  • Report for each reel, work shift or order, including the faults traceability, no compliant production, used recipes, energetic and material consumptions

The main advantages of this production monitoring system can be summarized:

  • Increase of production quality, with the certification of the product compliance to the production specifications
  • Production optimization, particularly energetic and material consumptions reduction
  • Traceability of production parameters for each reel (material, recipe, set points, actual values, faults, cable diameter, consumptions etc)
  • Reel report for quality analysis
  • Prevention of critical issues thanks to the periodic data analysis
  • Data interface with other management software